Thursday, January 12, 2012

Face Mask

My mom bought this face mask at Walmart for about a $1 i really thought it wasn't going to work but truth is it really did make my skin feel amazing after i was done with it.Even after i applied my foundation the next day it looked alot smoother and cleaner.This mask cleans out your pores from dirt and excess oils leaving it clean and healthy looking.I also noticed it helped with my zits, it dried them out and i only used it once.I love the feeling it gave me because it tightened up my face and i could see all my pores on my face so i knew it was working.i recommend this to anybody who cares about their skin men and women.

Also another face mask that i heard was great but a little stronger then the avocado is the Clay Mask Mint and Lemon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

L.A Colors (SummerTime)

I noticed my brothers wife wearing a cute pink on her nails and i decided to ask her how much did the bottle cost, i was stunned to know when she told me it was only $1.69 and let me tell you that she is a busy mom and she is always working with her nails.The color lasted her about a week usually nail polish starts to fall out in 3 days or less for a price that low.Atleast with me they never last.I hope this helps for the ladys that have been wasting $6 and more on nail polish.It worked for me and ive had it now for a week and its still holding strong.BTW the name of the Color is Summer Time & i apologize my camera isnt all that good for details.

Double Coated
Nail Harderner and Shine ontop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Time Blogger

I have decided to make a blog and might just delete my facebook if i entertain myself better on this.I will be posting makeup tutorials and tips on how to keep hair and skin healthy also some fashion keep yourself updated some post might be helpful for you.