Friday, January 6, 2012

L.A Colors (SummerTime)

I noticed my brothers wife wearing a cute pink on her nails and i decided to ask her how much did the bottle cost, i was stunned to know when she told me it was only $1.69 and let me tell you that she is a busy mom and she is always working with her nails.The color lasted her about a week usually nail polish starts to fall out in 3 days or less for a price that low.Atleast with me they never last.I hope this helps for the ladys that have been wasting $6 and more on nail polish.It worked for me and ive had it now for a week and its still holding strong.BTW the name of the Color is Summer Time & i apologize my camera isnt all that good for details.

Double Coated
Nail Harderner and Shine ontop


  1. love that color! xo

  2. i know its bright but not too bright.i wanted somethn different then the same old french i normaly do